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This is not only about globally publishing a great book, it's also about increasing your brand, growing your audience, and solidifying your expert positioning in your field. That's what we do for you.

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We give you the peace of mind that your book is in the right hands. Our team is highly professional and qualified and we’re all obsessed with publishing good books which our clients can be proud of, and also that will look good on any shelf whether local or abroad. 

Expert Positioning

We're not just going to publish your book and leave you to fend for yourself in the vast sea of competition. No, we're firm believers in expert branding. We will help to brand you as an expert on your topic through the content of your book, no more drowning in obscurity.

Inner Peace

Our team takes on your book project as their very own baby, they are responsible for making sure that your book will achieve its objectives all without you having to run around or be stressed.  

Our authors

Branding for Authors book
Walking My Truth
Be the Bubble by Bradley Dean Silberman
Walking Without Skin by Lois Wagner
Take the wave, Take the challenge by Anne Hofmann

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your turn-around time for publishing?

It depends on what you need us to do. Some services take longer than others, but generally speaking we take anything from 5 days up to 6 months. We do also assist you with urgent projects although they will carry a 10% surcharge.

What if I’m not happy with the quality of your work?
It rarely happens but should we not give you quality work on your book then you can ask us for a refund and we will refund you except for the add-on packages. It is with noting that we cannot guarantee that your book will become a bestselling book, results differ for a myriad of reasons, but we do our best to give your book a chance to do well.
Do you have a book printing service?
Yes we do, we print book runs from 1000 copies upwards. Contact us for an accurate quote and lead-time.
Where’s the value in paying you to publish my book for me, when I can do it myself?
The biggest value of all is that your book will be in the hands of professionals who will do all the heavy lifting for you plus point you in the right direction to go in. So many authors opt to self-publish their books, the problem with most of those books is that they look like they were self-published. Unfortunately, readers judge books by their covers, and they know what a "good book" looks like in terms of typesetting, editing and cover design. If your book doesn’t look the part then it stand no chance of being read or even being bought. We take your book very seriously, that’s why we have a team whose sole purpose is to make your book look, feel, and be perceived as good in the eyes of your readers. Shoddy and unprofessional work will cost you way more than the cost of publishing professionally with us.
Can you distribute my book into a bookshop like Exclusive Books?
Yes we can. We do however charge a once-off fee per title. Furthermore, Exclusive Books takes 50% from all book sales, we as the distributor take 20% and you as the author take 30%. Exclusive Books pays us within 60 days after which we then pay the author should their book be sold out or should there be 1 copy remaining. We do this because our agreement with Exclusive Books is a sale or return agreement which means that what doesn’t sell, they can then return to us and we’ll have to credit them for it. Contact us for this service. 
Do you only publish books for clients within Africa?
No, we can publish your book no matter where you are in the world. The only issue we experience with some international clients is the sourcing of an ISBN number because some countries charge for this and others don’t, and if you’re not South African then we cannot apply for an ISBN number for you because South Africa isn’t your domicile. So, we always encourage our international clients to source the ISBN number from their country’s ISN agency (we do assist in finding the right person to help source the ISBN number for you). Other than that, it’s all systems go!