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I had the pleasure of interviewing Nicola Huelin, the author of "The Invisible Revolution", on my show "The Author's Space"The one thing that really stood out for me was when I asked her the following question: "I know that you deal with 14 pillars to having a successful business, but if you could just choose one, which one would it be?" Her answer was: "Self-Belief".

How many times have you said to your friends, family or even to yourself that you couldn't do something because of this and that? The weird part is that when you were saying those things, you subconsciously knew that you could do it but your fear of failing was more powerful than your expectation of success and so you defaulted to an excuse no matter how valid it may have sounded.

Self-Belief is basically the starting point of any great achievement, without it, you will only keep dreaming about what could be. 

Maybe the reason why you aren't where you know you should be in your life, business and relationships is because you don't really believe that you are worthy of living a great life. That stops today, you are more than worthy, now start DOING what you've been meaning to do this whole time.

You are worthy of the success that you want!
You are worthy of the financial abundance that you want!
You are worthy of being loved!

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Self-Publishing used to be a taboo word not so long ago, but over the past 5 years it has gained traction and the people who use it are now starting to be celebrated rather than being scoffed at as before by traditional publishing guardian ninjas.

What exactly is Self-Publishing? There are a few forms of self-publishing but the main idea is that you are publishing your book by yourself without the help of a traditional publisher. Whether that means that you cover all the costs of publishing or whether you find a publisher who can offer their services to you for a price, it doesn't matter, the point here I that you are publishing your book without having to give it over to a traditional publisher who owns it and publishes it for you and shares a fraction of the sales with you through measly royalty rates.

I have, over the years, come into contact with a lot of Authors who wanted to go the self-publishing route and they did, but their books were bad. By that I mean that the cover quality was poor, the design was poor, the paper was poor, the readability and wording of their manuscript was also poor...but they didn't seem to really care too much about that since having their book in their hands was their dream. Then later on once they've sold the book to the obvious bunch of people who are obligated to buy it, they then cry about not being supported as local Authors.

Self-Publishing doesn't mean that you get to take a shortcut to producing an amazing global-quality book, it just means that you'll work harder, do more than you thought you would, pay more than you thought you would, but it's all worth it if it's done the right way from the get-go. 

Nothing is free, there's always a payment that has to be made for us to enjoy the kind of success we desire to have as Authors, whether that be advertising on social media, getting a professional to do your cover, getting a publisher to publish the book for you etc...there's always a price to pay and if you try to run away from it then your will suffer one way or the other. Never ever sacrifice quality for anything, EVER.

Over the next year we'll be interviewing amazing Authors from all over the world on our YouTube channel "TW Publishers" and we'll put the videos up on our channel, these interviews will be to your advantage as our main objective is to educate you on what has worked for these Authors and possibly what could work for your book  too. So, kindly subscribe to our YouTube channel here if you haven't yet already done so. These videos will begin airing next week and we'll write a short blog post summarising the video interviews for your convenience.