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Hi, my name is Webster

A book is the #1 authority, influence, and sales tool you can have as the foundation of your business.  

And it doesn’t even have to be a best-seller.

If you want to establish your expertise and develop influence in your niche so you can launch your career as a speaker, coach, consultant, or entrepreneur then this is going to be the most important message you read all day.

Here’s why…

I was a broke unknown author living with my parents. And I wanted nothing more than to become a successful speaker and consultant.

I published three books already, but it seemed no matter how much I’d write or how many books I’d print… 

No one was going to give me a shot.

I even organized my own live event to help promote my books. I invite a branding expert and marketing specialist to add as much value to the audience as possible...

And, I literally gave the tickets away...

So I wouldn’t be presenting to a conference hall filled with 50 empty seats.

But both my co-hosts canceled on me and only 7 people showed up to watch my seminar. All of them were my friends and I think one person was genuinely lost.

And the real punch to the gut?

When I asked my friends how they like the seminar. They said they loved it. And one of them even used my book to start his own successful business.

The problem wasn’t my ideas or content. 

The problem was that nobody cared. 

At least that was the problem until I discovered the same secret most influential and successful people in the world leverage to catapult their careers 10000 kilometers ahead of their peers.

You see, I figured it out.

Nobody wanted to listen to what I had to say because I was missing one crucial element that gave other successful speakers and consultants the star power and influence they needed to get the ball rolling fast.

I needed to frame myself as an expert.

Anyone on the street can say they are an expert.

That’s the problem with YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and all the other platforms online. 

Anyone can open their bio online and write whatever they want.

But most serious businesses that want to hire you for speaking, coaching, or consulting… They don’t want to hire someone who doesn’t have something to back up what they say. 

Because it’s natural for anyone to distrust a claim without proof.

So I took another shot at it.

I had already figured out all the secrets and tricks big publishers use to print amazing books. 

Because I didn’t have the money to hire my own publisher. I had to figure it out on my own. 

So I started my own small publishing house to publish my own books. And I never even considered helping other authors publish theirs.

But I was in fact... an expert in Publishing.

So I put together a 71-page book...

The Authors Guide to Self Publishing in South Africa. 

And trust me, it was the worst thing I’ve ever published. I didn’t take it seriously.

The text was too small on the page. The quality of the paper was substandard and it was stapled in the middle like a cheap 2nd-grade school notebook. 

I’m ashamed to this day for having my name printed on the cover.

But cash was tight. And sometimes the only option you have is to bootstrap and muscle your way to the finish line.

Then all of a sudden door just started opening up for me.

I wasn’t giving tickets away to people. Begging or pleading with them to come to watch me give a seminar.

People were asking me for my expert advice.

I landed a speaking gig on the S.A.FM, Radio Literature show with Nancy Richards.

I was invited to talk in front of the honors publishing class at The University of Pretoria. 

When I asked to be a writing contributor at Thrive Global, Addicted2Success, and The Good Men Project.


I had cracked the same code that millionaire entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, and influencers had known all along. 

I had solidified my claims of being an expert in my niche and industry. The was no longer any doubt that I knew what I was talking about. And that people could trust me to deliver the goods.

It was a complete one-hundred-and-eighty degree turnaround for my speaking and consulting career.

My girlfriend at the time saw how busy I was and how my new book completely changed my life. 

She said, “You know there are a lot of people who want to publish their own books. You’d be crazy not to offer your help...”

And that’s why I created...

TW Publishers

The turnkey solution for establishing expertise and developing influence.

I help coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, and speakers demonstrate their expertise and launch their careers with their own published book.

Publishing your own book is the best way to prove you are an expert in your industry.

And the most surprising thing… The number of books you sell isn’t even important.

You could literally only print one book. 

But if that single book lands up in the hands of your ideal customer, and it helps them solve a problem they’re facing… 

You’ve created a die-hard customer for life.

There are a lot of people who have a message that can change the world, an industry, or simply the lives of ordinary people.

But, no one will ever hear it. 

Simply because they don’t have a good reason to believe what they’re saying is true.

You see publishing a book is hard. 

It takes determination, lots of time and effort, and confidence in your product or service to spend months or years writing a book and paying to have it published.

And your potential clients or customers know this too.

That’s why a well-thought-out and expertly published book is an invaluable branding, marketing, and sales asset to your business or career.

Here’s how I like to help my clients

I know my publishing house is nothing like the big guys who publish hundreds of authors every month.

But I think it’s better because it allows me to help people at a personal level.

Guiding a new author by the hand from writing the first paragraph of their book, to marketing the final print to their ideal audience. 

Here’s the simplified version of getting your book published:

  1. I’ll help you figure out exactly what your book needs to speak about. So that your ideal reader drools to find out what you’ve written in your book.

  1. I’ll set up a writing strategy you can follow to get the book written. Without spending months and years agonizing over every word or chapter.

  1. Then your book will be edited and typeset so it’s an absolute page-turner in the hands of the read. 

  1. Your book will be printed on the most exquisite paper with a knockout cover designed by our own in-house graphic designer. 

  1. Then we’ll create and implement a bespoke marketing strategy to get your book in the hands of your most hungry readers. So your influence and star power as an author can start working for you.

Over 100 Authors Published through TW Publishing… Here’s what some of them have to say...

Jenny Schmal - Relationship Coach

5/5 Star

Empowering - inspirational- professional and dedicated are some of the values experienced while working with Webster Tsenase. My book published during lockdown an extraordinary feat of willingness on his part to create a space where miracles happen and dreams come true


Tshamani Mthebula - Coach and Speaker.

5/5 Star

Webster and his team helped to make my dream of becoming a Published author true.

Through their experience and expert advice, they were able to advise me through the book cover design, formatting, and finally seeing the final result. The team got involved at the right time wherein I didn't have to worry about the technicalities of publishing a book.

I highly recommend the team to anyone who wants professional assistance and guidance in publishing their book.

Webster and his team helped to make my dream of becoming a Published author true.


This is the springboard launching your career or business 

Whatever goals you have for your business, you’re going to have to build your authority and influence.

It’s a lot easier for people to say YES to you when you have the power of being a published author with great content to back you up. 

And if I had a choice to do it all over again…

I’d skip printing my business card and start by printing a book instead.

So that when someone asks me the question...

Who the hell are you? Why should I trust you? What value can you provide to me? How do I know you’re the real deal?

I’d just hand them one of my books and say I’m a published author and an expert.

That’s who I am…

How can I help YOU?

What should you do now?

Get in touch with us via mail at hello@twpublishers.co.za or give us a call on 0647794326 and we can help you get started on building your brand through professional publishing.

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