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Mark always had an innate knowing that he would be successful and would go on to do amazing things in spite of living in the Cape Flats with five siblings and his mother all cramped in a one-room home. 

“From Gangster to Soccer Legend” puts you in Mark’s shoes, where you can get to understand the man behind the success, his perspective on life, and the sacrifices and tough decisions he had to make to ensure that his dream comes to fruition. From having no choice but to become a gangster, and shoplifter, to making the fatal decision to run away from his gang and to start a new life. Mark was called the most horrible of names by his friends when he decided to take soccer seriously, at some point his sign-on fee was a pie and a coke, he suffered racism in many forms and was betrayed by his own nation, this coming from a man who rejected a £2million contract to not play for Bafana Bafana in the AFCON 96’. 

His memoir is one of inspiration and reflection, one which he hopes will prove to people that their pasts don’t determine their futures. 

Mark Williams: From Gangster to Soccer Legend book

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